My Beef With Apple

21 Jan

I do not like Apple. I do not hide my feelings about Apple. Apple is the pinnacle of money grubbing fat cat corporations. From a public relations standpoint Apple is an anomaly that would never work for any other company.

Why I dislike Apple?

  • Overpriced – Often referred to as Apple Tax where consumers pay an arm and a leg for monitors/laptops/computers
  • Steve Jobs was a dick – I know he is dead but it doesn’t excuse the way he treated people and consumers. When the iPhone 4 was released and everyone was rightfully up in arms about the antenna issues the iPhone 4 possessed. Steve Job reacted by telling consumers that they were holding their phone wrong.
  • Consumers are lazy/uneducated and will buy what appears to be popular at the moment. This continues to perpetuate this Apple problem.
  • Consumers are buying these Apple laptops that do not suit their needs. They are overpaying/under utilizing the hardware capabilities that these macbook pros posses. You do not need a $1000+ laptop to surf facebook.

The world does not run on Apple. Apple possess a mere 3.38% of the world market share. Yet they garner so much attention.

“Apple computers do not get virus’” A brilliant marketing tactic but will become disastrous. Viruses are not written with Apple in mind because they posses such a minute market share and therefore would not be worth the effort for hackers. Microsoft is prone to attacks because the world runs on windows. Therefore, Microsoft’s way of defending itself is to be upfront and honest with consumers about the threats to their systems. Where as Apple tends to try and cover up any sort of publication about potential threats. For example in which a hacker is able to overcharge the battery to where it can explode or set fire. This is irresponsible, yet Apple somehow continues to be invincible to criticism. Apple consumers will continue to believe that they are impervious to attacks and will continue to click on mysterious links instead of using common sense and further spread malware and viruses.

“Apple one of Americas most innovative companies ever!” Not true.
Apple has been lucky time and time again. They took the interactive user interface and mouse from Xerox. The resurgence of Apple can be traced back to the introduction of the ipod. If their had not been such an influx of music pirating the ipod would not have been so influential on society.

  • Apple has been bankrupt more then once. Apple would have permanently closed its doors if Microsoft did not buy $150 million dollars worth of shares in 1997.

Apples inclusive formats that exclude other computer formats. Making it difficult to synchronize files across multiple platforms.

The list could continue but I need to wrap up this blog post by saying. I am a hypocrite because I just bought an Apple Tv for my parents. However, I will not be using it as it was meant to be used and am simply buying it for the hardware inside at the great price point of $89.


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