Multiple Monitors

21 Jan

Batman Uses Multiple Monitors

Multiple monitors

  • Inexpensive
  • Increased Productivity
  • Extremely easy set up

I made the switch to a multiple monitor set up a few years ago and never see myself going back. Research shows that having a second monitor increases productivity. It is frustrating having to switch and flip windows to read one document and type on another. However, most computer set ups still do no have a second monitor. People are intimidated and confused by the thought of having two monitors. My parents for example were very hesitant at the thought of a second monitor. So when they went away on vacation and gave me the go ahead to build them a new computer I instantly thought that this computer needs a second monitor. My father runs his own grassroots travel company out of the house and is constantly typing emails and gathering prices online so having two monitors would be a great asset.

The new computer has nothing special inside in order to create the dual monitor set up. It has an integrated graphics chip on the motherboard that is capable of playing HD content on both monitors simultaneously. It was as simple as buying the second monitor and plugging it into one of the three display ports on the IO panel.

They were still skeptical when they first saw it and began to use it but they have grown very attached in just a few days. My father mentioned that is has in fact increased his productivity and allows for both my mother and father to have their emails open on separate monitors. The monitor itself only cost $89+tax. It is a simple investment that people who are looking to increase productivity need to make.

Please note that AMD graphics cards are capable of powering two monitors. Computer set ups of three or more monitors will need an active display port adapter. Nvidia graphics cards will also display on two monitors. In order to display on more then two monitors you will need to purchase a second graphics card and run it in an SLI configuration.

Select graphics cards such as Sapphire’s Flex line of cards allows for three monitors natively without an active adapter.


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