Buying Guide

21 Jan

How I go about choosing the components for my new enthusiast computer.

Window shopping is a thing of the past. When faced with the daunting task of choosing the right components I turn to the Internet for guidance.

  • Research your needs. Ask yourself what you need this computer for and what primary functions you wish the computer to be optimal for.
  • So for my needs I will be looking for components intended for gaming and creating a HTPC. (Home Theatre Personal Computer)

Save time and effort by letting the Internet do the work for you.

  • By utilizing websites such as you will be alerted of new sales and deals that are conducted online and in store throughout Canada. By creating RSS feeds you can specify what you are looking for and potential components will be delivered straight you your Google Reader account.
  • If you are looking for a specific component the Canada Post Comparison Shopper is a great resource that will compare the prices of the chosen item throughout Canadian websites and stores.
  • These websites also work with non-electronics items and are a great way to save money on upcoming purchases.

Before purchasing any items be sure to read the reviews of previous buyers and from expert reviewing websites such as

Check out the warranties on your potentials items. Most tech companies are headquartered in California. However, there are companies whose headquarters are overseas. If you were to have issues and were forced to redeem the warranty and submit a RMA request your components will have to be shipped to their Asian headquarters that increases downtime and shipping costs.

These are a couple of the items on my checklist as I pick components. Do not be hasty in your decisions and spend a couple weeks or months figuring out how much you are willing to spend and watching the prices. Sales are conducted on a regular basis so you shouldn’t need to buy most of the items at the MSRP.


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