Budget PC not buildable until 2013?

21 Jan

If you havent heard yet Thailand is going through some devastating floods that are effecting the major manufacturing industries that reside within. One of these major industries is the manufacturing of hard drives. Seagate and Western Digital both use Thailand as their mecca for the manufacturing of hard drives and are the top two suppliers worldwide. By putting all their eggs in one basket that have perhaps saved money over their years by concentrating in one location. However, when disaster strikes such as these floods it effectively shuts down the worldwide supply and distribution of quality, reliable hard drives.

What this means?

For consumers this means dramatically higher prices. Hard drives are now reaching 3x the price that they were a few weeks earlier.

For large corporations who have started to make the switch to cloud computing this news has effectively stopped the transition in its place. Cloud computing is no longer affordable. The largest of tech companies Google and Apple have both been promoting their upcoming cloud storage abilities and will continue to operate. However, this may definitely throw a wrench in Googles upcoming endeavors such as Google Music and the Google Chrome OS which both rely on cloud storage to operate.
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